Why Choose Organic Styling Products?

It’s all very well to treat your hair with organic shampoos and conditioners – but finish off with an ordinary chemical mousse, gel or wax and you may be disappointed. Ordinary products are often filled with synthetic perfumes and agents which leave the hair feeling sticky and brittle, in desperate need of a good detox.

Benefits of Organic Styling Products

A natural or organic hair styling product can make all the difference. Many organic styling aids are water-soluble, allowing for quick rinse removal, without the sticky buildup or heaviness. A little also goes a long way, so less is definitely more, and the ingredients mean that the products don’t just give you style and hold, they also treat and nourish your hair. 

Ever heard of “heat protectors”? These styling products are cleverly marketed, but in most cases, completely ineffectual. It’s not possible to protect hair from 200 degrees of heat – that’s why we recommend less heat in your styling regime in the first place. What you can do is use an organic styling aid to put back into the hair what the heat is taking out. A good way to prevent major damage from heat styling is to give your locks a lovely dose of moisture in from a jojoba-based spray.

Find Organic Styling Products Online

Styling gels, waxes and pomades made with beeswax are also very effective hair-friendly goodies. They protect and hydrate the hair, while giving you lasting hold and a matte finish.

Gentle Approach is a proud stockist of excellent organic styling products from trusted natural brands. Browse our organic hair gels, sprays and waxes to find the perfect fit for your styling needs.

Photo by Emiliano Vittoriosi on Unsplash