Qualità Reale Certification

Some organic hair care and cosmetic products are certified by Qualità Reale certification standards. What does this mean?

Qualità Reale does not just stand for natural and organic ingredients; it also ensures that the entire process of manufacturing a product is ethical, sustainable and in the best interest of the consumer. Qualità Reale standards are constantly evolving and striving to improve the transparency of the process it takes for a product to arrive at the consumer.

If you’re looking for genuinely healthy, eco-friendly products and you’re concerned about greenwashing, Qualità Reale certification on a product is a guarantee that you’re making the right choice. The certification process is performed by a third party body, with no economic interest to the awarding of the certification. This ensures that what we claim in our communications is in actual fact, the truth.

All verified information can be found on the Qualità Reale website, this information is regularly updated.

Photo by Bulkan Evcimen on Unsplash